Infant Sleep Environment



The Inventor Dr. Jennifer Doering, a registered nurse, has invented a sleeping environment system designed to control risk of death from overlay, suffocation, and entrapment through passive and active protections. Dr. Doering and her colleagues have combined their expertise in nursing science, ergonomics, and electronics to take a unique approach toward creating an infant sleep environment that minimizes both the physical threats to the infant’s safety and the barriers between parent and infant.

Existing products do not adequately protect the infant’s air space. No products alert parents to unsafe sleep events. Both mechanical and electronic safety features are integrated into the design to address parents’ safety concerns. Parents can sleep peacefully knowing the sleep pod will alarm and wake them if an unsafe sleep event occurs. The interior of the pod meets the American Academy of Pediatrics criteria for a safe sleeping environment by providing a firm, flat, proximate, yet separate and dedicated sleep space.


Passive Protections

  • Bridge structure protects air space over head and torso
  • Directional (narrower at feet) encourages correct placement of baby in Pod to maximize protections
  • Seed shape – will tend to right itself naturally
  • Portability to protect infant in many environments

Active Protections

  • Alerting gives parents means of protecting child from dangers even while they are asleep or in another room
  • Detects the tilt beyond set threshold, and overlay of blankets, pillows, or a person
  • Early warning system – Pod alerts before it falls off the bed

Intellectual Property

9,554,659 Infant Sleep Pod Device, Issued
D711152 Infant Sleep Pod Device, Issued
9,879,020 Infant Sleep Pod Device, Issued

We are looking for a partner interested in creating a cutting-edge product that better serves the next generation of technology minded parents.


  • 4 million babies born in US annually
  • 60-80% of parents will sleep with infant, intentionally or unintentionally & 1/2 will not admit to it
  • Juvenile products market is $17 billion industry in US – Bed-sharing is most common in upper middle class and low income families
  • Closeness and safety are highest priorities for parents of young infants
  • Despite intensive state and federal campaigns, bed-sharing continues to increase

Inventor (s)

Jennifer Doering, PhD, RN
Greg Krzecki
Dr. Doering is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and alumna of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar program. She received a PhD in Nursing from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her research has focused on building interventions to promote sleep and reduce fatigue and by extension, postpartum depression in urban women. Her research is community based in which she is invited into women’s homes. Thus, her understanding of infant sleep environments is both pragmatic and nuanced for the real-world perspective she offers to science. Her clinical experience includes postpartum, high-risk antenatal, newborn, neonatal intensive care, obstetric, gynecologic and emergency nursing. Mr. Krzecki has over 25 years of experience in industrial manufacturing design and aerospace maintenance and management and is an avionics specialist

For further information please contact:
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