Economical and high performing Electrocatalyst



Fuel cells with neutral phosphate buffer, alkaline, and acid solutions, including in microbial fuel cells (MFC) and metal-air batteries

Key Features

  • Low Cost Raw Materials – Materials estimated 5% of platinum-based catalyst cost.
  • Easy and Scalable Manufacturing – Bulk chemical and thermal reduction processing.
  • Broad Application Potential – Functional in neuteral, alkaline, and acid based fuel cells.


The technology is an oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalyst made of nitrogen-enriched graphite shells with iron-based composite nanorod cores. This nitrogen-enriched graphite iron nanorod catalyst, in specific tests conducted with an H-type MFC, has a measured charge efficiency of 57%, outperforming the charge efficiency of a conventional platinum-based catalyst by more than a factor of 1.75. This advanced electrocatalyst has a kinetic current density of 26.89 mA cm-2 at 0V, compared to 14.20 mA cm-2 for platinum-based catalysts.

Intellectual Property

US patent US10128510B2 was granted in 2018.


Junhong Chen & Zhenhai Wen

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