Moving Ideas to the Market

Technology transfer is the process of moving ideas from the laboratory to the commercial marketplace. The UWM Research Foundation assists researchers in connecting with the private sectors through corporate sponsored research projects, research collaborations, and the spin out of technology. The UWMRF also collaborates with other technology transfer offices in the Milwaukee region to promote technology transfer and the commercialization of technologies. The following videos provide a basic introduction to eight technology transfer topics. The videos were developed by key technology transfer professionals through the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin.

Commercial Value

Document Discoveries

Patenting Process

Technology Transfer Office


Industry Collaborations

The Rules of Inventorship

Public Disclosure

UWM Inventors Portal

The UWM Research Foundation encourages UWM faculty, staff and students to use the UWM Inventor Portal to submit disclosures and track the status of their inventions within the UWMRF. Portal users have 24/7 access to a secure website to do the following: Create, edit and submit invention disclosures online, check the status of submitted invention disclosures, check the status of all patent applications on which they are listed as an inventor, check and update marketing contacts associated with each of their inventions, and determine the technology manager who manages the invention.

UWM Inventors Portal