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UWM faculty members provide a rich source for discovery. They are finding new ways to bring their work to the world through startup companies, research partnerships, and technology licensing, activities that are enhancing their roles in education and innovation. Through the UWMRF, UWM faculty and student entrepreneurs receive focused support that aids in the commercialization of new technologies. The UWMRF provides strategic marketing, intellectual property management, and structured relationships with community partners and companies.

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Motion Tracking System for Real Time
Adaptive Imaging and Spectroscopy
Dr. Brian Armstrong

Health Devices, Imaging, Motion Tracking


New Use for FDA Approved Drug-Treatment of Microbial Infections with NTBC
Dr. Graham Moran

Drug Discovery


PORE-FLOW: CFD Software for Liquid-Infiltration/Wetting
Simulations in Industrial Porous Media
Dr. Krishna Pillai

Freshwater & Water, Software


Automatic Pathology Software for
Diagnosis of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Dr. Joseph Bockhorst

Cancer, Health Devices, Imaging


Widefield, Confocal, and Two-Photon Microscopy
Systems with Exquisite Spectral Resolution
Dr. Valerica Raicu



Integration of Microbial Fuel Cell Within Algal Bioreactor
Dr. Zhen (Jason) He

Bioscience, Energy, Freshwater & Water


Graphene Monoxide, the New Semiconductor for Electronics
Dr. Junhong Chen, Dr. Carol Hirschmugl,
& Dr. Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska

Energy, Nanotechnology, Sensors


GABAA Receptor Agonists for Treatment
of Bronchoconstrictive Disorders
Dr. Douglas Stafford, Dr. James Cook,
& Dr. Alexander Arnold

Drug Discovery


Advanced Electrocatalyst for Economical
Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Dr. Junhong Chen

Energy, Nanotechnology


Novel Fluorescence High-Throughput Drug Assay to Identify Promiscuous Inhibitors among Screening Compounds
Dr. Alexander Arnold

Drug Discovery


Novel Compounds for Treating Drug Resistant Bacterial
Infections including MRSA and VRE
Dr. James Cook

Drug Discovery


Umbilical Cord Clamp Increases Control and Reliability
Dr. Ilya Avdeev and Dr. Charles Potter

Health Devices


New Methods for Creating Male and Female Sterile Plants
as well as Restoring Fertility
Dr. Dave Zhao

Bioscience, Energy

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