Sterile Sorghum Mutant for 2 Line Breeding



Sorghum, Agriculture

Target Problems

This technology tackles the limitations prohibiting widespread application of current hybrid breeding systems.

Key Features

• Faster – 2-line breeding system will allow for faster growth of new sorghum lines,
• Easier – Currently breeders use 3-line systems making breeding cumbersome,
• Safer – The transgenic seeds will be removed by molecular ablation and physical sorting to ensure the male sterile plants in the nursery are transgene-free,
• Cheaper – Maintaining fewer lines should provide a savings in the breeding process, and
• Versatile – Male sterile sorghum plants can be created in diverse genetic backgrounds for hybrids.


Inventors at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have developed a novel three-component genetic construct comprising the capacity to produce pure male sterile plants, rescue the male fertility, ablate transgenic pollen, sort the transgenic seeds from non-transgenic seeds, and allow propagation of pure male sterile sorghum plants for hybrid breeding and maintenance of a maintainer line.

Intellectual Property

Nationalized PCT-US Patent Pending US20210130844A1 Sterile mutant and two-line breeding system


About the Inventor(s)

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