Sterile Sorghum Mutant for 2 Line Breeding



Joint inventors from UWM and USDA ARS have discovered new nuclear male sterile (NMS) mutants of sorghum which can be used to create an easier breeding system using a two-line system versus the current systems that use three lines.


A three-component genetic construct comprising the capacity to produce pure male sterile plants, rescue the male fertility, ablate transgenic pollen, sort the transgenic seeds from non-transgenic seeds, and allow propagation of pure male sterile sorghum plants for hybrid breeding and maintenance of a maintainer line.

Key Benefits

  • Faster – 2-line breeding system will allow for faster growth of new sorghum lines
  • Easier – Currently breeders use 3-line systems making breeding cumbersome
  • Safer – The transgenic seeds will be removed by molecular ablation and physical sorting to ensure the male  sterile plants in the nursery are transgene-free
  • Cheaper – Maintaining fewer lines should provide a savings in the breeding process
  • Versatile – Male sterile sorghum plants can be created in diverse genetic backgrounds for hybrids

Intellectual Property

For further information please contact:
Jessica Silvaggi, Ph.D.
Director of Technology Commercialization
UWM Research Foundation
1440 East North Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Tel: 414-906-4654
Please reference: OTT ID. 1578