Improve interface behavior of adhesive anchors in concrete and rock



Concrete tapping bit, regularly shaped textures or grooves, adhesive anchors, reinforcement bars in concrete/rock

Target Problems

Concrete anchors are essential for most construction projects, providing a secure connection between the structure and the concrete. Premature and unintended adhesion failures have resulted from undesired cooperation of the adhesive in concrete anchoring systems for tunnels, as an example.

Key Features

Improved reliability in adhesive anchors.
Enhanced tensile capacity by minimizing adhesive creep.
Simplified installation by minimizing borehole cleaning step.
Better versatility conventional adhesives, anchors and reinforcing bars can be used.


Adhesive anchors are widely used in construction to connect steel members to hardened concrete. UW-Milwaukee inventors have created a novel self-tapping bit to improve the robustness of adhesive-concrete interfaces. Specifically, a bit to create threaded holes for the anchor installation such that the adhesive-concrete bond is guaranteed by macro-level interlocks between hardened adhesive in the threads. A study was conducted to examine the tensile capacities of the new adhesive anchors for unconfined and confined pullout tests uncracked concrete. The results show very promising results even in uncleaned holes. The application of the innovative anchoring system is expected to improve the capacity of adhesive anchors, simplify construction procedures, provide reliable anchoring systems and improve public safety.

Intellectual Property

US Utility Patent was filed March 2019.

About the Inventor

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