CFD for Liquid-Infiltration/Wetting Simulations in Porous Media



3D Volume flow Simulation, Fluid Dynamics, Porous Media flow simulation


Inventors at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have developed PORE-FLOW, a comprehensive CFD simulation focused on modeling liquid infiltration/wetting problems encountered in industrial porous media. PORE-FLOW is more accurate in modeling wicking into porous materials than current mold filling simulations in RTM. The Finite Element/ Control Volume (FE/CV) method is implemented in the code to simulate flow behind a moving boundary. The geometry may be 2D or 3D and the mesh may be structured or unstructured, giving maximum flexibility to the user. The porous-medium flow in the code is governed by either Darcy’s law or Brinkman equation depending on user’s choice. Besides the porous-medium flow, PORE-FLOW can also solve open-channel fluid flow problems.

Intellectual Property

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Inventor (s)

Dr. Krishna Pillai, Professor in Mechanical Engineering

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