Telescoping Vacuum for CNC Router Dust Collection

OTT ID #1609


Vacuum head for CNC router that removes all debris from the milling surface and within slots.

Target Problems

CNC routing in soft materials creates airborne chips and dust particles. Current dust collection systems are inadequate at collecting this debris, but users are used to it because “that’s the way it’s always been.” Current broom and/or vacuum apparatus types offered only succeed in modestly evacuating a portion of the debris, however large chips and fine airborne particles are not removed. These systems are typically 50% effective at removing debris.

Key Benefits

  • Encompassing Design: evacuation head that completely shrouds the milling tool and forms a seal with the milling surface
  • Adjustable: adjustable head to accommodate changes in surface irregularities, changes in depth of the milling material
  • Retractable: tool length can be retracted to not alter or require manual setting or adjustment to continue automated tool changes
  • Faster: no longer required to shutdown operations for secondary cleaning and allows for faster cutting during a routing operation
  • Improved: removes all debris from fine dust particles to large chips


This invention is for a novel vacuum evacuation head that is currently designed to mount to a common router 12 HP motor: HSD ES 929.

Intellectual Property

Utility patent filed March 2019. This technology is a made to order product which can be altered to fit your company’s needs and is also available for licensing under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms.


Kyle Jansson, Director, Prototyping Center
JD Lang, Advanced Model/Instrument Maker
Madeline Frank, 3D Printing Specialist

For further information please contact:
Jessica Silvaggi, Ph.D.
Director of Technology Commercialization | UWM Research Foundation 1440 East North Avenue | Milwaukee, WI 53202
Please reference: OTT ID. 1609