ENGAGE Mentor Spotlight: Sunil Sharma

by Dena Foster

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, Sunil Sharma utilizes his diverse expertise and steadfast dedication to mentorship to empower aspiring innovators on their journey to success. With a career defined by versatility, resilience, and a profound commitment to problem-solving, Sharma embodies the transformative capacity of leadership and collaborative efforts.

Sharma is currently Vice President of Enterprise Architecture & Transformation at Milwaukee’s

Rite-Hite. This position and a little proactive networking brought him to the UWM Research Foundation ENGAGE Mentor Program. His extensive professional background across several industries and regions has equipped him with a distinctive viewpoint, enhancing his ability to navigate various terrains with finesse.

Over the years, Sharma’s mentorship journey has been shaped by a spectrum of roles and responsibilities. From his early days as a mentor in high school to his professional tenure with a private equity fund to his experience as a startup mentor on the national level, he has refined his skills and emerged as a seasoned mentor with a broad perspective.

Sharma describes his leadership style as anchored in 3T Pillars: Trust, Train, Thrive. When entrepreneurs find their strengths, it enables opportunities. Once they recognize their true potential, he helps them to grow and expand their vision. When asked for a quote to inspire others, Sharma responded, “”Never shy away from learning and acknowledge that mastery is elusive. There is always room for improvement.”

Beyond his professional pursuits, Sharma does not adhere to conventional distinctions between personal and professional spheres. Instead, he integrates his entrepreneurial approach into his endeavors as an athlete and adventurer. From cricket and tennis to scuba diving and beyond, Sharma is always open to new challenges.