Spectral Resolution Add-on Device for Two Photon Microscope



Imaging of Live Cell, 3D, Deep Tissue, and Long-Term without compromised tissue viability, Whole Organ or Slice Imaging

Target Problems

  • Typical two photon microscopes scramble dynamic spectral information in living cells
  • Sample scanning limitations and spectral bleed severely limit the imaging capabilities in most microscopes

Key Features

  • Single Scan Capture –No need for multiple scans to resolve spectrum and no photobleaching
  • Easy Installation (Add-on Device)–Be integrated into variety of microscopes with fluorescence and either brightfield or phase contrast
  • High Resolution –Delivers high spatial and spectral resolutionin real time
  • Unsurpassed Detection Capability –Provides spectral information up to 100x magnification
  • Speed and Sensitivity –Has the sensitivity and speed of competing systems, and is similar to that of broadband microscopes
  • Wide Wavelength Range –Large numbers of fluorescent markers are easily resolvable spectrally
  • Proven Technology –Based on well-established quantitative FRET imaging


The add-on device may be attached to the existing research microscope via a side port that incorporates a femtosecond laser (as shown in the picture). This state-of-the-art imaging tool uses a single scan multiphoton excitation (425 to 650 nm wavelength range) to deliver pixel level spectral resolution of complex, multi-color fluorescence samples. This technology can upgrade the imaging capability of a variety of microscopes, enabling it to achieve multi-photon microscope grade with 3D spatial resolution. This is the only scanning system that permits real-time quantitative analysis of a single molecule, molecular complexes, and their spatial distribution in living cells. This technology also allows fluorescence signals from co-localized molecules in a three-dimensional sample to be resolved spectrally by parallel detection of tens or hundreds of wavelengths using an EMCCD camera without the need of Confocal setup.

Intellectual Property

US7,973,927 | US8,094,304 | US9,103,721 | US8,982,206 | EP20120782796 validated in BE, FR, DE, UK, and IE.


Dr. Valerica Raicu, Professor of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee