Widefield, Confocal and Two-Photon Microscopy Systems with Exquisite Spectral Resolution



Aurora Spectral Technologies is pleased to offer state-of-the-art optical microscopy and micro-spectroscopy (OptiMiS) technology capable of generating unparalleled data for biological and biophysical research. AST products and services range from standard confocal and multiphoton (two-photon) microscopes and accessories to our powerful optical micro-spectroscopy technology, OptiMiS TruLine. The OptiMiS can be attached to the customer’s microscope or sold as a complete system.

This is our proprietary product, which may be attached to existing research microscopes that incorporate a side port and a femtosecond laser. Includes: OptiMiS Electronics Module, OptiMiS Optics Module, OptiMiS Scanning Module, OptiMiS Control Software, a Computer with all necessary boards, and a User Manual. Spectral unmixing software for data analysis is also provided

OptiMiS is the only scanning system that permits real-time quantitative analysis of single molecules and molecular complexes and their spatial distribution in living cells. The system is capable of producing a full set (up to 200 wavelength channels over 425-650 nm) of spectrally resolved images with a single excitation scan. In addition, it features sensitivity much higher (by over 100×) than any point-scan confocal or two-photon (multiphoton) microscope in the market.

This package includes all of the components required to configure our system with a laser, microscope, and camera. It comprises a periscope system to align the laser beam, a computer controlled laser power modulator, and all of the elements needed for complete assembly of the system. Importantly, the package also includes precision alignment by a skilled instrument specialist and two days of hands-on training.

The Andor iXon Ultra and iXon3 electron multiplying charge-coupled device (EMCCD) camera is an ultrasensitive imaging solution ideally suited for the types of low-light bioimaging applications OptiMiS is designed for.

We integrate our systems with a wide range of microscopes sold by any of the major manufacturers. We can also offer specific microscopes as part of our complete system package. We recommend the Carl Zeiss Axio Observer™ and the Nikon Eclipse Ti™, equipped with fluorescence and either brightfield or phase contrast. These instruments, with their legendary optics, robust design and rock-solid stability, are ideally suited for use with OptiMiS systems.

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Company Overview

Founded in 2010, Aurora Spectral Technologies develops and markets state-of-the-art micro-spectroscopy imaging systems. Leveraging technology developed by Dr. Valerica Raicu’s team at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee during the past 8 years, Aurora Spectral Technologies has introduced a hyperspectral multiphoton microscopy system under the Trademark OptiMiS to the biological and biophysical research markets. The system has utility in multiple domains including basic biological research, prenatal and cancer diagnostics, and drug screening. A unique combination of spatial and spectral resolution, high sensitivity in regards to photon detection & collection, coupled with fast scanning capabilities and an affordable price-point currently makes the OptiMiS™ Truline system well positioned to generate significant interest among those in the scientific community concerned with the rapid acquisition of complex multicolor fluorescent images. One such application area is real time imaging studies on live tissue. As an example of one specific application, OptiMiS TruLine facilitates the structural determination of protein aggregates in living cells. This leads to potential uses as a drug screening tool in pharmaceutical research.

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